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Art from home.



April 28, 2020 - Color Wheel Challenge

I have provided a video to explain your next assignment. I know most of you enjoyed the scavenger hunt, so I hope you enjoy this as well. I hope you are all well. Happy color wheel hunting. To send photos, you can send them to my google account at kshaffer@gsuite.asd.k12.pa.us.

In Home Art Scavenger Hunt

We are going to do an in home art scavenger hunt. You will want to find items to draw in your home. I have attached a video on how I would like you to do it. There are going to be 8 items that I want you to find and draw, 1. A house plant. 2. Something with texture. 3.You're favorite cup or mug. 4.Something in the kitchen. 5. Something yellow or orange. 6. Anything outside a window. 7. Something green. 8. Favorite toy. Your drawings can be a simple or as detailed as you would like. You can use any marker or crayon or even just a pencil or pen of your choice. Have fun with these. Be creative. Miss Shaffer

April 14, 2020-Making a card using your own art.

Hi everyone. I hope you had a nice break. I have attached a short video clip for you. I would like for you to design your own card. Once you are finished, you can give it to some one of your choice that could use a little sunshine in their day. You can give it to a family member, a neighbor, or a friend that you thing could use it. Have fun and be creative. I miss you all so very much.


Monday April 6
Happy Spring Break.  I hope you all have a wonderful week at home with your families.  If you get bored and would like something to draw, here is a bunny for you.  I hope you are well.  See you all soon. 

Happy Monday.

Below you will find how to make no cook clay and also how to make ornaments out of the clay.


Zentangle is helpful in reducing stress and can be done by any age. I provided a link for you and all you need is a piece of paper that is a 4x4 square. Happy Sunday. 

Hi guys.  Miss Shaffer here.  In the next few weeks,  I will be posting new assignments for you all, some tips while working from home, and some ideas to keep you busy. I am working on my little art corner, so I will have a space here at home.  I know that many of you may not have the resources or tools at home like we do at school, but that is alright, neither do I. We will make due with what we have. I hope you are all doing well, and I will see you all soon.