Google Visits West Hills Intermediate School as it Launches 2024 Statewide Online Safety Roadshow Tour

The Online Safety Roadshow is based on the Be Internet Awesome curriculum, which provides valuable tips for staying safe and being smart online. The tour is part of Google's initiative to empower young people with the tools and training they need to explore the internet safely.

During the visit to West Hills Intermediate School, local officials and Google representatives emphasized the local impact that internet safety has on everyone. They highlighted the importance of teaching students how to use the internet appropriately and safely, as it is a shared responsibility between the school, parents, and the community.

Senator Pittman, who was present at the event, expressed his thoughts on the choice of West Hills for the Online Safety Roadshow. He stated, "We wanted to find schools that we thought would be welcoming to the conversation, but also an age range that this is very important for, and we felt that West Hills was a perfect fit."

Mandy Toy, West Hills Intermediate School Principal, emphasized teaching students digital literacy and citizenship, "the internet is a great tool for anyone if appropriately utilized. Our students face unique challenges that older generations did not have to navigate. Teaching students how to appropriately and safely use the internet is a shared responsibility between the school, parents, and the community. The Armstrong School District strategic plan communicates that digital literacy and citizenship are two goals for all of our ASD graduates. Today's lessons from Google are one of many opportunities for students to learn these valuable lifelong skills during their time at West Hills Intermediate School."

The visit from Google and the Online Safety Roadshow were undoubtedly valuable experiences for the West Hills Intermediate School students and staff. By equipping students with essential internet safety skills and knowledge, they are better poised to navigate the digital world responsibly and safely. The collaboration between Google, local officials, and educational institutions highlights the significance of collective efforts in promoting online safety and digital well-being.